Art Supplies for Semester 2 Students

Attention All Semester 2 Art Students!

Ms. Florek and Ms. Krickovic have assembled “starter packs” of art supplies for all NKMS students enrolled in art second semester. Starter packs will include No 2 pencils, pink erasers, pencil sharpeners, glue sticks, black sharpies and scissors. There is a supply list outside of the starter pack. All other supplemental materials on the supply list should be purchased and are required.

"Starter Packs" are available for pickup outside the entrance of NKMS. We ask that you only take a supply pack if your student is enrolled in art since we have a limited supply of materials. If you have any questions, concerns or financial needs pertaining to the supply lists or supply pickup, please contact Ms. Florek or Ms. Krickovic. Please note, full sets of supplies are available as well but they will be distributed on a need-basis only for families in need of additional financial support. Please let Ms. Florek or Ms. Krickovic know if you need a FULL set of supplies as soon as possible since there are limited materials available. All supplies should be purchased and/or picked up no later than Monday, February 8th.

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