Course of Study

Computer Technology

Introduction to Computers Overview

Sixth grade students will focus on basic computer concepts vocabulary and word processing.

Computer Technology Overview

 Seventh grade students will focus on understanding the importance of computers in society. Students will increase usage of word processing, spreadsheets, graphs and keyboarding.

Keyboarding/Computer Skills

Eighth grade students will focus on the history and uses of computers, advanced word processing, spreadsheets and graphs, databases and Internet research.

Foreign Language

Sixth Grade

The purpose of this course is to get the students interested in world cultures and communications with people who do not speak English. This includes a basic introduction to foreign languages including Latin, Spanish, and French.

Seventh Grade

The seventh grade course begins with a review of the information from the sixth grade. We begin to study French and Spanish in more detail including verbs and adjectives.

Eighth Grade

French One is a high school credit class. Students taking French One in the eighth grade are highly motivated students who want to begin their high school career early. Many aspects of French grammar, culture and history are learned. We also compare and contrast French ways of life to our own.

Spanish I

Spanish is a high school credit class and an academic elective. Therefore, it will count towards the students' high school GPA and go on their transcripts. There are only two sections of Spanish offered at NKMS as these students are dedicated learners with high academic goals. The Spanish language, culture, history and geography are studied in Spanish One. We will be focused on the present tense and learn a lot of vocabulary that we use in our daily lives.