The mission of the New Kent Middle School Science Department is to foster a natural curiosity in our students about the world around them. The curriculum includes many hands-on activities and laboratory experiences that immerse the students in the content.

Course of Study

Sixth Grade

The sixth grade science program is designed to foster an understanding of basic science principles while providing an awareness of environmental issues. There is an emphasis placed on the student's awareness of current societal issues and public policy relating to the environment.

Seventh Grade

The seventh grade life science program incorporates concepts such as the cell, the characteristics of living things, classification, utilization and flow of matter and energy, ecology, and genetics, as well as science, technology and society, and career awareness. The program is designed to create an understanding of the way science works and an appreciation for how it is used to explain the world around us.

Eighth Grade

The eighth grade physical science program includes the study of the characteristic properties of matter; atomic structure and theory; energy; electricity and magnetism; work, force, and motion; science, technology, and society, and career awareness. The students are exposed to the practice of science through investigations so that they may understand the very nature of the subject. Students leaving the eighth grade physical science program should have the ability to and an interest in studying the forces at work around them.