Language Arts

The mission of the New Kent Middle School Language Arts Department is to improve a student's ability to understand and produce a variety of texts. The curriculum includes direct instruction of skills and strategies with engaging daily opportunities for speaking, listening, reading and writing for all students, regardless of their skill level. Each grade level also works closely with the school librarian to assure students are exposed to a variety of literature, capable of researching material and using a library effectively. In addition, the English department seeks to prepare each and every student for their end of the year Virginia Standards of Learning ( SOL ) assessment testing.

Course of Study

Sixth Grade

The sixth grade Language Arts program is designed to focus on three areas: Oral Language, Reading , and Writing. Students are taught ways to expand their vocabulary, to apply reading skills to other content areas, to appreciate and enjoy literature of all variety, and to focus on the three writing domains.

Seventh Grade

The seventh grade Language Arts program is designed to focus on four areas: Oral Language, Reading , Writing, and Research. Students are taught ways to improve speaking and listening skills, identify and use figurative language, begin to analyze all forms of literature and expository text, improve writing skills, and acquire independence with the library media center and its technology.

Eighth Grade

The eighth grade Language Arts program is designed to focus on three areas: Oral Language, Reading , and Writing. Students are taught ways to practice speaking and listening including conducting interviews. They also review and apply Greek and Latin roots, affixes, and figurative language to their writing; comprehend and analyze fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, expository texts and technical texts; write in a variety of genres and on a variety of topics.

Reading & Writing SOL Review Website

Interactive Quizzes

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R.A.F.T. Writing Tasks Websites

Bio Cube

Comic Strip Creator 1

Read Write Think Comic Creator. Although this website provides a basic database, it still serves the purposes of a 1,2,3 or 6 panel comic strip.

Comic Strip Creator 2: 

Write Comics. For this website, there is an extensive database with options for people, animals, objects, and backgrounds. The comic strip may be 1 - 20 panels in length. 

Comic Strip Creator 3:

Lego Land Comic Builder. This websites has offers a variety of choices for backgrounds, animals, and objects, but all the characters are lego-inspired people. The layout choices are from 1 - 6 panels. This is a fairly simple website to use with easy to learn features.

Comic Strip Creator 4:

Magic Beliefs Comix. A comic strip generator with a fairly large database that allows you to make comic strips with 2, 3, or 4 panels.

Comic Strip Creator 5:

Pixton for Fun. You will be asked to create a free account, and you will need an email address to complete the log-in information. This is an advanced comic creator with some very technical features.

Letter Generator