New Kent Middle School Athletic Policy


Frank Wheeler, Principal * Angela Foss, Assistant Principal * Michael Kuper, Assistant Principal* Laurie Weaver, Athletic Director

The overall objective of the athletic program at New Kent Middle School (NKMS) is to provide an opportunity for student participation in properly supervised activities under the guidelines set by the Virginia High School League and the New Kent County School Board.


1. New Kent Middle School student athletes are expected to refrain from using and/or possessing alcohol, drugs or tobacco products. The following punishments will be administered if violations occur in these areas:
*Possession or use of tobacco products on school grounds (including trips, etc.): 

Team suspension –3 games plus games missed while student was suspended
*Possession or use of drugs or alcohol on school grounds (including trips, etc.):
Dismissal from team for the remainder of the season
No athletic participation (including athletic teams and out-of-season participation) for 60 calendar days.
A second violation of the above policy will result in termination from any athletic program for the remainder of the school year.
2. New Kent Middle School students must pass and submit a completed Physician’s Certificate and Parental Consent Form as required by the Virginia High School League before trying out for an athletic team.  

3. A completed Emergency Care Card (Blue Card) must be returned to the athletic director by due date noted on the parent letter.  

4.  All participants must be protected by school or personal insurance that will cover any athletic injury.

5. New Kent Middle School students are expected to make every effort to attend, on time, all scheduled practices and games.  Any athlete who is at school should be at practice. It is also mandatory that a student be at school for a half day to be eligible to practice or compete that day, or he/she must have special approval from the athletic director.  Middle school team activities take precedence over any club, recreational, or non-school events. Family emergencies and illnesses are always excused; however, they may require documentation. Remediation or extra work in school is also excused.  If the occasion arises in which an athlete will have to miss a practice or game for a reason that was not listed above, it must be arranged
in advance with the head coach and approved by him or her.  If this absence is approved, the consequence will be missing a minimum of one period of the next game for each missed practice.  For a missed game, the athlete will not be allowed to play in the next game. Continual absences or failure to get prior approval for absences from the head coach will result in a meeting with the athletic director to review the situation and determine how specific violations of this policy will be handled.

6. Profanity and other forms of inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated.  Students who exhibit this type of behavior during a game will be removed
immediately from the game and will not be allowed to re-enter.  The coach and athletic director will discipline students who exhibit this type of behavior during practice.    

7. Students and parents should be courteous to visiting teams and officials, showing respect for all involved in the game and not criticize the officials, coaches, opponents, or fans.  All comments will be positive and encouraging. The game is for the players, and sports will be kept in the proper perspective.

8. Any athlete who touches an official may be declared ineligible for up to a year by the administration.  Any athlete who strikes an opponent, coach, or spectator during or following an athletic event may be declared ineligible by the administration for up to a year, depending upon the severity of the offense.  The sanctions and consequences imposed for violating this policy include suspension and / or dismissal from the team for an individual and /or forfeiture of games and cancellation of the season for teams.

9. Student athletes should not use social media inappropriately. Any use that is deemed not school-appropriate could result in forfeiture of playing time and / or dismissal from the team. Specifically prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to, the following: sexually explicit, profane, or defamatory language or actions; derogatory language regarding school personnel or other students; comments designed to harass or bully students or school personnel; or indecent photos or images.

10. The integrity and judgment of the officials and their decisions should be respected without question.  The authority of the officials and coaches during games will not be questioned or discussed. Officials and coaches will not be confronted during or after games. (Note: the protocol for parent-coach contact is listed below.)

11. Students should treat the facilities of the host school with respect, as they are guests there.

12. All New Kent Middle School students
must be transported to away athletic events on buses or in cars provided by the school board.  All team members must return to the school in the same manner. EXCEPTION: Team members may ride home with their parents or the parents of another team member (with a parental permission note).  The coach in charge must be notified in either case. Any student who does not ride home from a game on the school bus must be signed out by a parent on a sign-out sheet provided.

13. No student will be allowed to leave the area of an athletic event (home or away) without the coaches approval.

14. New Kent Middle School students will be responsible for uniforms and equipment issued to them and must return these items within three (3) days after the conclusion of their season.  Students will be charged for missing equipment and uniforms and will not be allowed to participate in other sports until their account is paid in full or equipment and uniforms are returned.

15. Playing Middle School Sports is not a right but a privilege!!!

1.  All students must have passed five year-long subjects the previous semester and must currently be enrolled in not less than five subjects. 

2.  All students must have at least a 1.7 grade point average for the previous semester.


The following disciplinary actions will have the noted consequences:

1.  Referral -will not start or participate in part of the game/match

2.  Each day of In School Suspension (ISS) - will not participate in 1/2 game,  minimum

3.  Each day of Out of School Suspension (OSS)- will not participate in a full game, minimum

4. Chronic discipline problems - cumulative totals for games missed will be kept during each sports season and a player will be dismissed from the team when his/her total reaches four games.


The spectator should

-realize that he/she represents the school just as definitely as does the member of the team and, therefore, has an obligation to be a true sportsman, encouraging through his/her behavior the practice of good sportsmanship by others.

-recognize that good sportsmanship is more important than victory by approving and applauding good team play, individual skill and outstanding examples of sportsmanship and fair play exhibited by either team.

-refrain from coaching any player during games and practices.

-recognize the primary purpose of interscholastic athletics is to promote the physical, mental, moral, social, and emotional 

well-being of the players through the medium of contests; victory or defeat is of secondary importance.

-treat visiting teams and officials as guests, extending to them every courtesy.

-be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.

-respect the judgment and integrity of officials.

Parents and supporters of New Kent County Athletics must realize that any interference with the game or participants of the game (athletes, coaches, and officials) can result in disciplinary action taken by the New Kent County Schools, the Bay Rivers District, and/or the Virginia High School League.  Such actions may be taken against

our athletes, our teams, and/or parent-spectators.  Acceptable and appropriate sportsmanship is a fundamental component of our athletic program that must be ensured.  


Do not approach coaches during or after any practice or team competition. 

If there is a concern to discuss with the coach, the steps to be taken are as follows:

  1. Athlete should talk to the coach
  2. Parent should set up a meeting with the coach
  3. Parent may contact the Athletic Director to set up an appointment to discuss concerns.


The signatures on the Athletic Pledge also indicate that the student athlete and his/her parent/guardian have been advised that participation in interscholastic practice and competition can be dangerous.  Furthermore, it is understood that no amount of protective equipment will eliminate potential injury. Even under the safest and most secure conditions, some athletic activity can result in serious, and possibly fatal, injuries.    If a student athlete exhibits unusual symptoms, he or she should immediately stop playing and report these conditions to the coach, athletic trainer, and his/her parents. The student athlete must not return to a game or practice until all symptoms are eliminated and the athlete has received medical clearance.  Ignoring this warning may lead to a more serious or fatal injury. Remember, anyone deciding to compete in the New Kent County Schools Athletic Program does so with clear understanding of the risk of injury.  Additional questions about such risk should be directed to the coach or athletic director prior to participation in practice or competition.

By signing this pledge, the New Kent County Schools student athlete and his/her parent/guardian affirms they have read and fully understand and agree to comply with and adhere to all the rules, regulations, and expectations listed in this New Kent Middle School Athletic Policy.   

New Kent Athletics Pledge Sign–Off Sheet

  I have read and understand that my student athlete and I are responsible for upholding the guidelines set forth in this policy. We understand that sportsmanship and academics are the cornerstones of a successful student athlete. We agree to abide by these guidelines and rules.

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