Difficulty Accessing Google Meet

  1. If you are having difficulty getting into your Google Meet try these steps first:

  1. Make sure your computer is charged.

  2. Make sure you are logged into your New Kent gmail account - @newkenths.org

  3. Make sure you are in the correct class at the correct time

II.      If these steps don’t work try clearing your cache and cookies:

  1. Click 3 dots in top right corner 

  2. Click History

  3. Slide over to History (on the left) and click 

  4. You should see Clear Browsing Data. Click on Clear Browsing Data.

  1. Make sure it says All Time and Cookies and other Site Data is checked as well as Cached images and files. Click Clear Data.

III.     If Clearing the cache and cookies does not work try    


Removing Self as User

  1. Click in the bottom right hand corner of the Chromebook and click in the status area (the area where you see your profile, battery life, gear icon). 

  1. Click Sign out. 

  2. On the login screen click the arrow beside your name.

  1. A drop down menu will appear. Click remove user. 

Once you have removed yourself, the Google sign on screen will appear. Enter your New Kent County email and personal password. 

IV.     If none of the above steps work call the Help Desk at   


Difficulty Accessing Google Meet