About Us

Our Mission

The mission of New Kent Middle School is to ensure the success of each student by working in partnership with students, families, and the community to develop lifelong learners in a safe and caring environment.

Our Philosophy

New Kent Middle School is designed to meet the unique needs of the early adolescent learner in the continuing transition for students between elementary and secondary education. Students in this age group are undergoing rapid physical, social and psychological changes, which necessitate fundamental guidance. To broaden student experiences, strengthen adaptability and expand interests, a strong foundation of necessary skills supports a program that provides opportunities for success. In experiencing success, each child enhances his or her self-image.

The educational environment of the school is directed towards stimulating students to reach for new experiences, understandings, and skills. We encourage students to become responsible decision-makers. Students are encouraged to develop strategies for problem-solving and to apply self-discipline to everyday situations. The New Kent Middle School staff strives to provide an atmosphere where students can share their strengths and enhance mutual understandings. This atmosphere is further strengthened with frequent contact between parents and educators. A major goal is to help our students become responsible citizens of a democratic society and supportive members of a world community.