Principal's Message

Dear Lion Families,

I am grateful for the opportunity to lead New Kent Middle School in my fourth year as principal. Our amazing teachers and staff are enthusiastic about the upcoming school year, and we look forward to continuing our path to excellence. We are proud to announce our theme for school year 2024-2025:

“Sailing to Success”

We are excited to embark on a learning journey this year that will be like no other! Our teaching crew can’t wait to navigate the seas of learning and sail to success by fostering a passion for learning and nurturing curiosity in our students. We are committed to meeting all students where they are, challenging them to accomplish desired goals, and supporting them along the way to their future destinations. 

Our teachers understand the critical role they play in the development of a middle school child, and they embrace that responsibility with enthusiasm, creativity, and focus. We believe in taking a collaborative approach when planning high-quality lessons to ensure authentic and engaging learning experiences occur in the classroom. Additionally, making learning objectives clear to our students helps guide the process for students to take ownership of their own learning outcomes. 

As a staff, we prioritize building positive relationships with our dedicated families and amazing community members of New Kent County. Our strong partnership is what makes New Kent Middle School an awesome place to learn.

Thank you for your support, and we are looking for an incredible school year. 

Go Lions!

Frank T. Wheeler, Ed.D.


New Kent Middle School

7501 Egypt Rd

New Kent, VA 23124


[email protected]